23 October 2010

Millie is a little hussie..

Well what can I say, I'd always thought Millie my cat was a little hussie but now she's proved it. She came home last night smelling of cigarettes. Considering she's only allowed outside for an hour or two a day and neither my husband or I smoke, she's been up to no good.

13 October 2010

Corset revisisted

I made this corset Easter of 2007 at a TAFTA workshop in Horsham, Victoria. The workshop was led by Kirry Toose, a fantastic textiles artist. I made the corset below during the week at the workshop. The corset is inspired by the bark of different trees. Close-up photos show how the panels represent various types of bark. I've decided since the workshop that i don't like the plain panels in the corset. I've started unpicking all the panels and plan to replace the blank ones. Going to a be a very long process.

10 October 2010

Getting my butt into gear

Well I've been meaning to start a blog for a very long time, so here it is. My plan is to post the textiles and art work that I make as part of my job and also in my own time. There's more info about me in my profile if you want to know more. Please feel free to leave me comments on here and I'll try and reply.