30 September 2011

Another fantastic blog

The images below and link belong to a blog by Alisa Burke. She has a fantastic range of online tutorials that you can pay (reasonably priced) for and also a range of free tutorials. She has had work published in lots of places and also has her own book. Well worth a look.


28 September 2011

Gorgeous Blog

I was doing some web surfing the other and came across a great blog that I'd seen once before.

The artist is Ro Bruhn and she lives in Melbourne where she makes gorgeous jewellry, artist books and other bits a pieces. Her work has been published in a quite a few magazines as well.

Below is the link to her blog and some samples of her work.


Raw Edge Applique

Well this weeks Applique technique is Raw Edge. It is the last technique we are covering before having 2 weeks holidays.

Below is a sample of my raw edge applique.

27 September 2011

Southern Textiles Conference- Carol Wilkes

Carol Wilkes from Queensland is one of the tutors at the Southern Textiles Conference. She works in a range of areas including wearable art and wall based textiles pieces. She is a fantastic teacher (I did one of her workshops a few years ago) and manages to pack so much information into a short period of time. She shares all her trade secrets and so wiling to help students in anyway possible. Gorgeous person.

Below are examples of her work, these ones are mainly comprised of machine made cording.

26 September 2011

Southern Textiles Conference

From the 4th to 7th of October, I am helping Suzanne Gummow to run a Southern Textiles conference. The week consists of workshops with a range of tutors as well as nightly artist talks. The tutors include Kirry Toose from NSW, Carol Wilkes from QLD, Joy Harvey from SA, Jackie Abrams from USA and Effie Mitrofanis from NSW. I will be participating in Jackie Abrams workshop and will post photos when the week actually starts.

Below are photos of work made by the fantastic Kirry Toose. She is the most beautiful and creative textile artist. She primarily works in the wearable art area. Her work is exquisite, every little detail is considered and the finishing is of the highest quality. Kirry has won lots of competitions and awards with her work, this is a tribute to how talented she is.

Tilly the tight rope walker

Wild Rose

Dust to Dust

Kirry doesn't have a website but there are lots of bits and pieces on the internet about her and her work. 

25 September 2011

Dare to Differ- Art quilt exhibition

Well things have been busy lately getting ready for the SA Quilters Guild Dare to Differ exhibition. The exhibition pieces were selected for their art quilt properties.

I didn't enter anything in the exhibition as I was doing all the promotional work for it. The exhibition is being held at Gallery M in Marion, South Australia. It opens on the 30th September and closes on the 23rd of October.

Below is the invite that I designed for the exhibition.

As well as the invite, I designed an A4 colour brochure. Unfortunately the files are too massive to upload.

20 September 2011

Reverse Applique

The applique unit for this week is Reverse Applique. Below are some samples of my work.

The background for this piece above is made up of lots of little pieces of different fabric.

This piece is about 1m by 50cm, it is the view looking up into a tree.

This was a test for reverse applique using very heavily patterned fabrics. 
It is 6 layers of fabric.

Another example above of reverse machine applique, it has 3 layers.

The final sample you see above is hand turned reverse applique.

18 September 2011

Coloured plants

I absolutely love gardening. My house had no garden when I bought it (I don't count the 3 rose bushes) and I have worked really hard to establish something decent. I mainly choose plants for their foliage colour and their texture. Below are a few photos of some of my plants I have chosen specially for foliage colour.

14 September 2011

Satin Stitch Applique

This weeks applique technique is Satin Stitch. Below is a sample of machine satin stitch applique.

I used to do a lot of satin stitch applique as a child, it certainly isn't my favourite technique anymore.

Great way to start the day

I got to work the other day and laughed very hard when I saw what was sitting on my computer.

One of my students had told me she was using doll heads for a piece of artwork but didn't want the rest of the bodies. I asked if I could have the bodies and so upon arriving at work found them like this on my desk. Thanks June...

10 September 2011

Cool insects

I was leaving work yesterday when I noticed a whole pile of these cool insects on the tree near my car. I'm not sure what they are but I thought they were quite lovely.

Here's the whole family of them.

08 September 2011

A pastel drawing I'd forgotten about.

My last post showed my work published in the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I've had several textile pieces published before but realised I've had a pastel drawing published before. Below is a pastel drawing of mine that was published in a calendar that was distributed to all florists and nurseries around South Australia. I really wish I had more time to work on my drawing skills. It isn't my strongest area and definitely something I would like to improve.

My work published in Cloth Paper Scissors!!!

My wearable art piece made from used rubber gloves has finally been published in the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I've had my work published before, but not in a Magazine that is sold worldwide. I now just need to get organised and start writing articles for Magazines (assuming they would get published that is).

My work is at the top of the page- the rubber glove dress. 

The front cover of the issue that my work is in. September/October 2011 Issue

Thanks Cloth Paper Scissors for allowing people to see my dress. It makes all the hard work worth it.

07 September 2011

Outline stitch applique

Well this weeks applique class was learning about outline stitch. Traditionally it is meant to be Broderie Perse which uses motives that are stitched onto a background. My example is a very contemporary take on the idea.

04 September 2011

My gorgeous girls

This was my 2 gorgeous girls this morning as I was heading off to do the shopping. Charlie is the black and white cat and Millie is the grey mottled one.