29 November 2011

Another drawing for exhibition X

Here is another drawing based on a paper wasp nest that I drew to give me some ideas for my Exhibition X work.

I've actually been learning lots about paper wasp nests and bird nests while doing some research. I'll post some of the really cool things I've found out another day.

24 November 2011

Handmade Paper Art and Textiles Flickr Group

I recently set up a group on Flickr called 'Handmade Paper Art and Textiles. The aim of the group is for people who use handmade paper in their artwork to post photos of their work. Photos of just handmade paper sheets are not excepted. The photos have to show how you use handmade paper in your art and textiles.

Below is an image of the first page of photos from the flickr group. If you would like to add photos to the group, you will need to hold a flickr account. Flickr is a great website for artists to promote their work and it is a simple site to use. You can upload 6 photos a week to the group.

Here is the address for the flickr group        http://www.flickr.com/groups/handmade_paper_art_textiles/

                              Please feel free to go and check out the groups work.

23 November 2011

Drawings for Exhibition X

Well below are 2 of my drawings I've been doing for Exhibition 'X'. The drawings won't actually be in the exhibition as such, but I may use them in collages or something along those lines.

Drawing of a bird sitting on edge of nest.

Drawing of a paper wasp nest.

22 November 2011

Drawings of ideas for Exhibition X

I've been busy doing some drawings of bird and wasp nests which link to my idea for my exhibition X. I haven't finished them yet, but when I do, I'll post them on here.

Otherwise it is a very hectic week at work for for me as it is the last week of classes. This means lots of marking and report writing. One of our teachers is also away and so we have to pick up all her classes and marking as well. I'm not really qualified to mark calligraphy, Oh well.

So once I've had 5 minutes to myself I will post some of the drawings I've been playing with.

20 November 2011

My helpful friend

I bought this basket yesterday to use as the basis for a sculpture. I went out to get it a few minutes ago to find that Charlie was trying it out for size. It appears it may be the new cat bed rather than a sculpture.

The basket was sitting on a white table which is why Charlie and the basket look like they have been cut out from the background.

14 November 2011

My new business card- what do you think?

I've been working on a business card design for myself lately. When I swap jobs at the end of year, lots of people have been saying they want to stay in contact with me. So rather than me scribble my details on a bit of paper, I can give them a business card.

I've pasted it in below and want to know what you think. I will eventually get them professionally printed once I've finished the final editing.

The copy below isn't the quality the final print would be.

13 November 2011

Some inspiration for exhibition 'X'

I've been doing some brainstorming for my exhibition work (still calling it exhibition X for the moment) and found the perfect inspiration.

I'm interested in the idea of natural vessels that are made by animals for holding and carrying things.

I couldn't believe it when I found this gorgeous little wasp nest at work the other day. My eye managed to pick it out amongst some long over grown grass. I feel like the luckiest person ever, it is so perfect for the sort of work I want to make for my exhibition.

Unfortunately my camera doesn't have the best macro lens so I couldn't take any closer photos. A new lens is on my list of things to buy. The list is growing and growing however.

The most incredible photos

I wanted to share these photos with everyone. I think they are simply stunning.

The photos are by Alvaro Sanchez Montanes who found this house in a desert. Incredible what the sands of time can do.

Crazy about french knots

I was updating some of my photos on flickr this morning and found the two below. I hadn't posted them before. Thought I would put on here for those of you that love french knots as much as I do.

06 November 2011

A walk through the old swamp lands

My husband and I went for a really nice walk this morning in the Onkaparinga old swamp land area. Its a very strange area as there is very little signs of life other than a few kangaroo droppings and a few swans on the section of the river that fans out into the swamps.

We did find a tent and campsite hidden under some trees in our trek, my husband suggested we not go too close. I wasn't so much worried about who lived there, I was more concerned that the person might be deceased. We got close enough to see that it had been recently inhabited and there were no unusual smells. All good thankfully.

Below is a general photo of the area we were. From a distance I thought there were lots of black rocks in the water (should wear my glasses more often), I then realised they were actually swans.

I found some wonderful snails living on a dead bush as you can see below.

I love all these pieces of dead sea weed, I might have to collect
 some in the future for paper making.

These holes in the mud intrigued me, I'd love to know what 
made them. Worms, yabbies maybe?

This is the swamp ground below where all the water is drying up.

I love this last photo. I think it is 'lichen' maybe?

04 November 2011

Red objects at the Craft and Quilt Fair

I took these few photos at the Craft and Quilt Fair. Do you think perhaps I'm a fan of the colour red?

Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair

Today I headed off to Adelaide's Craft and Quilt Fair to do some professional development for work and also to enjoy myself of course. I'll put my photos in over two separate posts as the images are quite different. Below is a selection of the products I bought while at the fair. I did set myself a limit, I only went over it a little bit.

Seeing as I have a new job next year I decided I might need 
some new jewellry. These beads come from Indonesia and 
are a type of rock (can't remember exactly) that they hand dye.

These gorgeous beads are made in New Zealand and are 
made from lava rock. 

Gorgeous hand made clay beads from South America.

Great yarn that has little bits of paper attached to it.

Some unusual yarn that almost has a clay like substance in it.

Silk Cocoons

Some very cute ribbon tape

02 November 2011

Playing with ways of posting photos.

Below is an experiment in formatting photos for putting on here. They are photos of some of my dyeing work, but it is the format that the images are presented in that I was more interested in.

Exhibition X

I mentioned previously in a few posts the idea of working towards an exhibition of my own work. The work would be nature based and I still haven't said much about it yet other than posting a few drawings.

It is very vaguely going to link to the idea of nature being a form of transportation, a way of holding on to things, etc. I don't want to say too much sorry.

I will however from now on in call the exhibition 'X'. At least it is some sort of temporary name. I know the real name already but i don't want to give it away when the work has to be kept secret until the exhibition opens. And no, I don't know when that will be.

Below are a few more of my drawings and collages that link into some of my ideas. They won't necessarily be part of the final works but they are part of my thinking process.

Above are the collages, below are a few of the drawings.

Exhibition of my students work

On the 10th of November my students put on an exhibition of their work they have completed throughout the year. The exhibition is held at my work place, Marden Senior College.

The types of work include; printmaking, textiles, dyeing, wearable art, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, and basically every type of textiles work you can imagine.

My own classes will be exhibiting clay work, mixed media sculpture, dyed fabric, embroidery, printmaking on fabric, drawing, painting, applique, and a few other small bits and pieces.

There is a copy of both sides of the invitation below, the artwork on it is Yr 12 students final work.

It is a great opportunity for students to have their work in an exhibition (often their first) especially when just trying to start their careers. Its a nice stepping stone for them to work on and then have on their resume.