17 May 2013

Fighting graffiti artists

The photo below if from an article about a South Australian business that recently had  graffiti sprayed on their window. I love their response. 

Amazing work made using screws

While muddling around on the internet the other day I came across this fantastic artist called Andrew Myers

He works in a whole range of mediums but one of his more intriguing ones is 'Screw's. He does a lot of portraits using screws but the one's below are my favourites. 

Below is a quote about Myers work in relation to the artwork that looks like a piece of hanging fabric.

In this dualistic piece, Andrew aimed to express the warm, soft, and smooth nature of a cloth sheet using the cold, hard, and sharp medium of steel screws. Just like actual sheets, this piece accomplishes a softer effect using a high “thread” count. In this case, the threads of 5,562 screws.
The background is created with limestone and marble dust, combined to create the effect of an actual wall.  Measures 4 x 6.
His work can be found at his website-  http://andrewmyersart.com/

The piece below would have to be my favourite.