21 December 2012

How to clean soft pastels

Found this great post on how to clean your soft pastels.

The pastel on the right is after it has been cleaned in rice of all things.

For the teachers

I found these images below while procrastinating and avoiding doing school work. I'm sure fellow teacher will appreciate them.

20 December 2012

Eastern Silk store

I made a short stop today into a shop I really like. It is called Eastern Silk and they have a great range of all sorts of items. They sell Pashminas, gorgeous silk fabric by the roll, embroidered braids, bed spreads, jewellery, etc. I've posted their webpage image below along with a few photos from their store.

Some of the gorgeous hand embroidered pillows they sell

Stunning braids covered in gorgeous pearls and crystal like beads.

Very funky leather ottoman

Just a few of the many rolls of silk for sale

19 December 2012

Paper dresses

I absolutely adore the work of Elisabeth Lecour from London and thought I would share some of her work wit you all. She uses old maps to make the most gorgeous dresses. I have so many old maps I keep holding onto, just waiting for that perfect project one day.

This is the link  http://www.elisabethlecourt.com/works/les-robes-geographiques/

18 December 2012

Arty iphone covers

Now days it seems like you can buy just about any type of iphone cover you like. Below are just a few 'arty' ones I found whilst procrastinating from doing real work.



This last one is my favourite