22 December 2011

Christmas time already???

I can't believe that it is Christmas time again already. This time last year I was in India with my husband having the most fantastic time of our lives.

Christmas this year is with my family in Victoria so we are heading off for the nice long drive tomorrow and will be gone for about 5 days.

I'm taking my sketch books with me and hope to do some more planning for exhibition ideas and maybe I'll actually finish writing a magazine article I started about 2 months ago.

When I return, I will update you all with the major life changes that are happening for me at the moment. Just haven't had a chance in the last few weeks. I'm sure you all know what it is like at this time of the year.

Enjoy your Christmas, see you soon.


13 December 2011

Yet another nest drawing

Hi all,

Hopefully your not getting too sick of all my drawings of bird nests. Here is another one.

10 December 2011

Photoshop experiment with nest drawing

Last time I posted on here, I included a drawing of a bower bird nest. I decided to add some colour to it using Photoshop.

It is very very roughly coloured, and the fact that all the sticks don't match up are even more obvious. Oh well, it was just a bit of fun really.

07 December 2011

Yet another bird nest

Below is a drawing I completed based on the nest of a bower bird. I've only included the shape that they form with sticks, I've neglected to draw all the little bits and pieces that the birds collect for their nests.

Not all the sticks meet up- I was rather 'over' the drawing by the time I was half way through.

03 December 2011

More drawings from exhibition X

Here another few drawings for Exhibition 'X' I've been working on.

These ones aren't looking at insect nests but bird nests this time.