31 August 2011

Another sample of hand turned applique

Here is my other sample of hand turned applique I just found. This was my first ever sample and therefore it certainly is not the best ever piece.

29 August 2011

Applique Unit- Teaching starts tomorrow

Well tomorrow is the start of the Applique unit for my Certificate 3 class. We start with a general introduction to applique, where I show them lots of photos and real examples as well. My plan is to complete a new sample of work for each of the techniques as we go.

We are studying
                                Needle/Hand turn
                                Outline stitch
                                Satin stitch
                                Raw edge

Tomorrow we are starting with Needle turn or Hand turn. Some people seem to call it different things. My definition it is simply applying shapes to a base piece of fabric using invisible stitches. I use freezer paper when I do my hand turned work, I find it so much easier.

Below is an example of some past pieces of my hand turned work.

This piece above is actually stretched around a canvas frame.

This piece above is all hand turned and I've then used obvious stitching to highlight the design.

Another example of hand turned work using stitching as decoration.

The picture above is hand turned on both the bird and the border and then has decorative stitching.

Oh by the way, all my work in the applique samples revolve around a 'bird' theme.

18 August 2011

Wally the wallaby

I went home to country Victoria to visit my parents a few weeks ago. While home I took this photo of a swamp wallaby who has decided my mums backyard is his new home. I've named him Wally, he is so cute and lovely. Mum isn't as keen on him however as he keeps eating her gladioli's.

It isn't the best photo of Wally sorry, as you can imagine though he didn't really want to just stand there and pose for me.

04 August 2011

Why the gap between posts...

Well it has been a while since I last posted on here. I have actually been doing lots of textiles work, but it isn't work that I can post photos of yet. It is work being prepared for a group exhibition and we agreed not to show the work to anyone.

It is very frustrating as I feel like thats the more interesting thing happening in my life and I can't blog about it.

Hmmm.. what else to blog about.

Random question to think about? Why do my new socks have the size 9-11 written on the sole of them? Do the makers think i'm going to forget what size feet I have?

Until next time.