10 December 2011

Photoshop experiment with nest drawing

Last time I posted on here, I included a drawing of a bower bird nest. I decided to add some colour to it using Photoshop.

It is very very roughly coloured, and the fact that all the sticks don't match up are even more obvious. Oh well, it was just a bit of fun really.


jackie said...

Hello, thanks for reading my blog. I think you were v. brave to ask for feedback on yours, but the comments sounded helpful. I thought it was good to see some drawing and I liked your format for photos. All in all a bit different.

Sarah Bell Smith said...

Thanks very much Jackie. I love to hear what people think about my work, positive or negative. It gives me some food for thought about the direction I take.

tess stieben said...

I find interesting the theme of birds nests. I also have been working this theme though will not be posting images until I complete the first series.
Your drawing has motion, like the breeze is rustling through. Hugs!

Sarah Bell Smith said...

Thanks for the comment Tess. I look forward to seeing your work on nests when you finish the series.