02 November 2011

Exhibition of my students work

On the 10th of November my students put on an exhibition of their work they have completed throughout the year. The exhibition is held at my work place, Marden Senior College.

The types of work include; printmaking, textiles, dyeing, wearable art, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, and basically every type of textiles work you can imagine.

My own classes will be exhibiting clay work, mixed media sculpture, dyed fabric, embroidery, printmaking on fabric, drawing, painting, applique, and a few other small bits and pieces.

There is a copy of both sides of the invitation below, the artwork on it is Yr 12 students final work.

It is a great opportunity for students to have their work in an exhibition (often their first) especially when just trying to start their careers. Its a nice stepping stone for them to work on and then have on their resume.

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