20 September 2011

Reverse Applique

The applique unit for this week is Reverse Applique. Below are some samples of my work.

The background for this piece above is made up of lots of little pieces of different fabric.

This piece is about 1m by 50cm, it is the view looking up into a tree.

This was a test for reverse applique using very heavily patterned fabrics. 
It is 6 layers of fabric.

Another example above of reverse machine applique, it has 3 layers.

The final sample you see above is hand turned reverse applique.


Elizabeth said...

It was the first picture in this post that caught my attention at flickr.
I was curious enough to keep on clicking and so I found your blog. Have been browsing around through your lovely work and I can't understand that not more people found your blog yet!
Looking forward to see how you will progress with your exhibition x and with the pieces you make for Salt.

It is great meeting you, thank you for blogging and sharing and I'll be back.


Sarah Bell Smith said...

Thanks so much Elizabeth, your comments are lovely. When I get a bit 'over' everything, its comments like yours that make me get off my butt and do some work.

I find keeping one blog is enough work, yet you have more than one. Super woman perhaps?

I adore your photos of the fungi, one of my fave topics but there isn't any around here to photograph.

Great to meet you too and hope to see you in bloggers world. Love the idea of blogging camp, it is somewhat far away however.