26 September 2011

Southern Textiles Conference

From the 4th to 7th of October, I am helping Suzanne Gummow to run a Southern Textiles conference. The week consists of workshops with a range of tutors as well as nightly artist talks. The tutors include Kirry Toose from NSW, Carol Wilkes from QLD, Joy Harvey from SA, Jackie Abrams from USA and Effie Mitrofanis from NSW. I will be participating in Jackie Abrams workshop and will post photos when the week actually starts.

Below are photos of work made by the fantastic Kirry Toose. She is the most beautiful and creative textile artist. She primarily works in the wearable art area. Her work is exquisite, every little detail is considered and the finishing is of the highest quality. Kirry has won lots of competitions and awards with her work, this is a tribute to how talented she is.

Tilly the tight rope walker

Wild Rose

Dust to Dust

Kirry doesn't have a website but there are lots of bits and pieces on the internet about her and her work. 

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