02 November 2010

various drawings

I was going through my map drawers yesterday looking for some paper and found these two drawings I did about 2 years ago. I had this fantastic drawing teacher at a place called Studio 11. She was really inspiring and really talented.
I'm a qualified art teacher but drawing has never been my forte. I find it quite stressful when trying to do high quality stuff. I've always had really high standards for myself and find it frustating when I'm not good at something. I can teach others how to draw because I studied it and know the principles etc. but I just don't do much myself. I did the drawing course to build up my confidence a bit. I had a scary lecturer when doing drawing at uni and he told me I was crap and used to rub my pictures out and tell me start again. I had him for painting as well. Hence I wasn't overly keen to stay in the painting or drawing class. 

I love my pastel drawing of the succulent it took me ages. I also like the pencil drawing of the older man. He was a life drawing model but we were studying faces only. I only had an hour to draw him but I'm glad I actually didn't finish all of his face, I like it better that way.

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