26 April 2011

A busy Easter

Well unfortunately the Easter break finishes in about 4 hours. I've had a great break and have achieved lots of things.

House work was one of my big achievements, very sad I know. Below is my bed in the process of having its sheets changed. Charlie was so sure that she was helping me.

I also came up with a new theory over the easter break in regards to chocolate. If you buy someone easter eggs and they don't know you purchased them, is it really such a crime if you then eat them? I'd bought eggs for a friend who I then couldn't catch up with, so therefore I ate them and it didn't seem so bad because she didn't know I'd even bought them.

My husband and I spent 3 days in a little town called Cape Jaffa over on the Limestone Coast in South Australia. Its a great little place and we spent most of the time out fishing. Unfortunately the fish seemed to have gone away on holidays as well.

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