03 October 2011

Dare to Differ Exhibition opening night

As I posted in this blog earlier, I helped with the advertising for a South Australian Quilters Guild Exhibition called 'Dare to Differ'. The exhibition opened on the 30th September (2011) at Gallery M in Marion. We had a great size crowd and it was a very enjoyable night.

Below is a series of photos relating to the exhibition.

Julie Haddrick and Suzanne Gummow- main organisers.

This is Cathy Boniciolli who I teach with at Marden Senior College. Two of her works were selected for the exhibition. This work is titled 'Natural Beauty', it is made mainly from tea bags that have been emptied and opened up and then hand stitched onto a backing. 

This is Susan Long who is one of my Marden Senior College students. Her work is 
titled 'Tea bag Trail'.


Cathy Boniciolli said...

Thanks for the Dare to Differ photos Sarah!

Sarah Bell Smith said...

My pleasure Cathy, your work was gorgeous.