21 October 2011

I inherited these great reels of thread.

Both my grandma's died when I was very young and so I sort of adopted the elderly lady that lived next door to us while I was growing up. Her name was Flo White. Its funny how no one in the town really liked her, she tended to be rude to most people. For some reason however, she and I always got along really well. Her children knew how close I was to her and used to always say she thought of me as her grand daughter. When she died, her children knew that she would want me to have all her old textiles bits and pieced. Below are a couple of photos of the old wooden reels of cotton she left for me. A lost of them are silk and the rest are cotton and are still in good condition. Even though they're not brittle I'm still not sure I can use them, I just like to look at them and remember Mrs White.

This is one of the boxes that the threads came in. I'm not sure if these boxes have a name or not. Basically it is made of old cards (a birthday card in this case) that then have clear plastic put over the top and it is crocheted around the edge to hold it all in place.

The inside of the thread box from above. Some of the reels are really thick 
waxed linen. Very yummy.

Another box of threads that Mrs White left for me.


Dianne Koppisch Hricko said...

I had old silk threads... and they were lovely to look at but were all too rotted to sew with. We used them in still life in my drawing classes.

karin said...

They are art in themselves don't you think?