04 October 2011

Jackie Abrams workshop started

Well today was the first day of my Jackie Abrams workshop, I had a great day and learnt all sorts of new things. Jackie is a lovely teacher and one who passes on all her little secrets and tricks. Not all teachers are willing to do this and it helps to make the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher.

We spent the day working on a bias plaited basket, made from rag paper that we hand painted at the start of the day.

Below are some of the photos of my work from today.

The strips of paper that I painted for my basket.

The bottom of my bias plaited basket.

The bottom of the basket as i started bringing the corners in.

Starting bringing the corners in.

I will post the next stage in the basket making tomorrow night.


Anette said...

Hi there. Your basket is coming along great! Do you remember what brand your paper was?

Sarah Bell Smith said...

It was a thick watercolour paper but I can't remember the exact name. Any watercolour paper will work fine. Thanks for the compliment