19 October 2011

Starting a new body of work

As well as working on textile pieces for the SALT (South Australian Luscious Textiles) group I'm part of, I'm also starting planning for a whole new body of work. I'm crazy about hand made paper and so this is the area I will be working in. The work will not just be paper however, it will also incorporate stitch and the use of armatures. I've already started doing a few small samples for ideas I'm working on.

There will be an overall theme but I won't announce it just yet. Lets just say it is linked to leaves, vessels, handmade paper and trees. Does that help?

The photos below are a few of my experiments so far. The first thing I've been playing around with is stiffening hand made paper. All the paper below are pieces that I made myself.

Handmade paper glued onto black shapewell (Slightly blurry photo sorry)

Handmade paper ironed onto iron on interfacing.

Handmade paper painted with White glue (PVA).

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