06 November 2011

A walk through the old swamp lands

My husband and I went for a really nice walk this morning in the Onkaparinga old swamp land area. Its a very strange area as there is very little signs of life other than a few kangaroo droppings and a few swans on the section of the river that fans out into the swamps.

We did find a tent and campsite hidden under some trees in our trek, my husband suggested we not go too close. I wasn't so much worried about who lived there, I was more concerned that the person might be deceased. We got close enough to see that it had been recently inhabited and there were no unusual smells. All good thankfully.

Below is a general photo of the area we were. From a distance I thought there were lots of black rocks in the water (should wear my glasses more often), I then realised they were actually swans.

I found some wonderful snails living on a dead bush as you can see below.

I love all these pieces of dead sea weed, I might have to collect
 some in the future for paper making.

These holes in the mud intrigued me, I'd love to know what 
made them. Worms, yabbies maybe?

This is the swamp ground below where all the water is drying up.

I love this last photo. I think it is 'lichen' maybe?


Christine Linton said...

I was interested in your idea of using seaweed to make paper; sounds like it would be great texture.

Sarah Bell Smith said...

Thanks Chris, when I eventually get around to it I'll post the results.