17 March 2012

Blog/life update

I’ve been absent on here off and on for a while as you would have noticed. My new job has taken over my life and I haven’t had time to catch up on my usual activities. I think that is always the case with new jobs when you are getting used to them.

I teach 90% middle school classes and I’m teaching art, textiles and home ec (cooking).

We are an R-12 all girl School so our students range from 5 years old through to 18. The 5 year olds are tiny and very cute.

The school has gorgeous students and are a real pleasure to work with.

When I last posted about what my students were working on, some of this has since changed. As teachers we need to be adaptable and always willing to change/alter curriculum. Some of the projects I planned finished faster than I had envisaged and I decided to alter a few to make them more interesting.

I’ll post some of the photos of the type of work students are doing in the next few days. 

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Christine Linton said...

Enjoyed reading about your new job and how you're handling it.