24 March 2012

Too many ideas, never enough time

I've got too many ideas lately about different types of work I want to make. I'm still producing work for the group SAlt and this will continue all year. I had then also initially planned on working on a suite of work for a solo exhibition. Once again however I've been distracted.My current distraction is wearable art. This has been a long time distraction of mine, the trouble is I already have two unfinished garments.

I want to enter a competition (not interested in winning, would just like to get accepted) that would require quite a bit of work. Its not the WOW competition in New Zealand as I don't quite think I'm up to that standard yet. Thats not to say I haven't been planning future ideas for that one as well.

So plans for the moment are

  1. -keeping up with new job
  2. -wearable art competition (not WOW one)
  3. -thinking about WOW wearable art competition
  4. -work for SAlt exhibition group
  5. -work for several other competitions
  6. -work for my own solo exhibitions
  7. -writing magazine articles
At this stage I think I'm going to settle on number 1, 2, 4 and possibly 7. 

Never enough time in the day. Ahhhh....  

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