25 October 2012

Colour theory tasks

I believe that colour is one of the fundamental elements of art and design. I always do a series of basic sheets with all my year 7,8 and 9 students, and then give them a more detailed project.

For the year 7's it is often the first time they have done much colour theory. It is more of a refresher for the year 8 and 9's. The practical task they do will change every year so they don't do the same project more than once.

My year 7's main task is a primary colour collage (photos coming)

My year 8's made a secondary colour collage (no photos sorry).

My year 9's complete a colour wheel as creatively as possible. (photos coming)

I have pasted images below of a few of the handouts I use with my students. Feel free to use these with your own classes.

I use the sheets below in my year 8 class.

The sheet below is one I often do with the year 8's as a bit of a fun fill in activity. 

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