31 October 2012

More year 9 colour wheels

The next lot of my year 9 students colour wheels are pasted below.

Gorgeous pencil work.

Fantastic use of colour in this collage.

Great use of different textures.

Food wrappers (slightly blurry for unknown reason)

29 October 2012

Year 9 colour wheels

I have included some images below of my year 9 students finished colour wheels. Their task was to complete a colour wheel where they thought outside of the box.

Colour pencil and painted origami stars.

Coloured icy pole sticks and buttons.

Cupcake paper wrappers.

Flowers/leaves my student picked from her garden. Colours were 
as closely matched as what she had available.

27 October 2012

Year 9 colour theory basics

As I mentioned in a previous post, I believe in teaching colour theory to all year levels. I make the information they learn more and more complicated each year.

Below is a copy of the colour theory sheets I use with my year 9's when starting the colour theory unit.

26 October 2012

Primary colour collages

I've just finished teaching my grade 7 art class (12 year olds) the basic of colour theory. Below are a few examples of their primary colour collages. I was really thrilled with some of their creative results.

My work place has given me permission to publish photos of my students work as long as I don't publish their names or photos of the actual students.

25 October 2012

Silkworms made to spin coloured silk - Australian Geographic

Silkworms made to spin coloured silk - Australian Geographic

I thought this was a really interesting article, I had no idea that the actual silk worms changed their colours. This is the link to the article

Colour theory tasks

I believe that colour is one of the fundamental elements of art and design. I always do a series of basic sheets with all my year 7,8 and 9 students, and then give them a more detailed project.

For the year 7's it is often the first time they have done much colour theory. It is more of a refresher for the year 8 and 9's. The practical task they do will change every year so they don't do the same project more than once.

My year 7's main task is a primary colour collage (photos coming)

My year 8's made a secondary colour collage (no photos sorry).

My year 9's complete a colour wheel as creatively as possible. (photos coming)

I have pasted images below of a few of the handouts I use with my students. Feel free to use these with your own classes.

I use the sheets below in my year 8 class.

The sheet below is one I often do with the year 8's as a bit of a fun fill in activity. 

22 October 2012

Publishing of student work

I had asked my workplace a while back about posting photos of students work on here. I just got an answer- Yay. As long as I don't publish student names and ask their permission I'm allowed to.

I have discussed with my students the pro's and con's and what it all means for them.

I will start posting photos of their work really soon.

21 October 2012

I've been away for a while

I haven't been posting on here for a while as I've had some major life changing issues going on. I won't go into detail at this point but I have had a very long and difficult few months.

Things are moving forward now and I've been busy at work and have a lot of textiles/artwork to catch up on.

My cats are still keeping me company as always. One of them just scared me half to death by putting her paw on my shoulder. I didn't realise she had snuck onto the back of the couch behind me.

This is Millie below making use of anything she can for a pillow.