19 April 2011

Wire armatures

The next lot of armatures I'm making as samples for my class are out of wire. I decided first up to start making a lizard. Below is the photo of the base structure.

I then added on some more structure to the body.

My lizard then started looking more like an echidna so I chopped its long tail off.

I had no idea what this next wire animal was going to be when I started it. 

I then added some more body strength. Still not sure what on earth it is, I cut its tail off though.

I then started winding masking tape around the body shape and it started to look a bit beetle like. Therefore I added on an extra set of legs and some antenna's to try and get it actually looking like something.

I have no idea what I'll do with it now, but its good enough just for a sample for my class.

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