13 October 2011

Gorgeous embroidery threads

Oh how I love my embroidery threads. I just bought a new box for storing them and then enjoyed the job of colour coding them. My last thread box was one I bought at a fabric store and it was approximately $15.00 for a smaller one than what is now pictured. This new one is a tackle box that came from a fishing shop and it cost me about $6.00. This one also has moveable partitions, unlike my old one.

I dream of owning lots and lots of boxes like this. Maybe 1 box for each colour. Oh how i love my embroidery threads. Did I already say that???


Elizabeth Braun said...

I adore my threads too and did a 'showcase; series of postings about them not so long ago called 'Threadfest'. I look through some of them when I'm feeling flat and the colours really revive me. Similar effect with all my coloured pencils, paints and even eye shadows!!

Sarah Bell Smith said...

I'm so glad to see I"m not the only one obsessed with my threads. The photos on your blog are lovely. I'm so ashamed now when I think about my 'un' colour coded crochet threads. I'll add to to my 'to do' list. Lets just say more things seem to get added than crossed off.