13 October 2011

SALT- South Australian Luscious Textiles

I feel bad as I haven't been posting much of my work on here lately. There is a reason for this however, and it isn't just that I'm totally slack. I"m part of a textiles group called SALT- South Australian Luscious Textiles. There are currently 4 textile artists in our group and we have been working together since the start of 2011. We complete one textile piece every 3 months and we work to a set size and a set theme. The themes are decided as a group and we each take the theme in our own direction.

We are hoping to exhibit some of the pieces in 2012 or 2013. Until the date of the exhibition, I can't show anyone (other than the SALT group) my work and therefore I can't post anything on here.

Its been great for me joining such a group, as it has forced me to actually produce to a timeline. I'm one of these people who has a thousand projects on a the go at once and this way I tend to actually get things finished.

I'm currently finishing off my third piece of work and have been doing the design work for the fourth piece.

I've just finished reading the book 'twelve by twelve' which has been really helpful in understanding how other groups work. It also talks about the importance of blogging. I've been blogging for a while now and people have written a few comments but other than that maybe it is just me reading my own work. So in other words, please feel free to leave me a comment, tell me what you'd like to see on my blog, etc.

Below is the link to the website for the 'twelve by twelve' group. This is a little blurb from their website.

We are twelve quilt artists who have embarked on an art challenge together. 
Every two months or so, we each make a small quilted art piece -- 
12x12 inches -- on a designated Theme or Colorplay palette. We use our blog to 
share our process and progress. The results are showcased on the
 Quilt Gallery and Artist Gallery pages of this website.

We're from different places throughout the world and our artistic 
                styles vary, but we share a love of art quilting and a desire to play,                                   experiment, learn, and grow.

Above is the cover of the 12 by 12 book.

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