13 October 2011

Whats in a name?

Funny how when you get married you never consider that changing your name could mean you become one of the masses. Oh course I knew Smith was a common name, but there are just way too many Sarah Smith. The last suburb I lived in had a Sarah Smith only a few streets from me. She had the same doctor, physiotherapy, hair dresser and chemist. I used to get her prescriptions and she would steal my hair appointments. I then moved suburbs and this ceased to be a problem.

I've been trying to establish a stronger online presence for myself lately, and Sarah Smith is just that bit too common. Therefore I've decided to be Sarah Bell Smith. Bell is my maiden name and I figure that it makes me slightly separate to all the other straight 'Sarah Smith's.' I've really changed it purely so that if you were to Google   'Sarah Bell Smith'  you would hopefully (fingers crossed) come up with my work.

Funny part is when I think back to my wedding day, I only decided as I walked down the isle that I would even take my husbands name.

So from here on in for all my artwork etc. (won't be changing credit cards, etc.) I am now

Sarah Bell Smith.    

Nice to meet you.

By the way, my flickr account is still the same.


So fingers are crossed that one day in the future when you google   'sarah bell smith', you will find ME......


Elizabeth Braun said...

I married a foreigner, so there aren't too many of my namesakes, at least not in this country.=)

Sarah Bell Smith said...

I married a foreigner too, unfortunately his last name was Czechoslovakian so his family chose 'smith' instead.