20 January 2012

Classes I'm teaching for 2012

I've been busy working on lesson plans for all my new classes for this year. I only have my timetable for semester 1., but that is still plenty of work for me to do. Below is a list of the classes I'm teaching and the work they will be doing.

I hope to post a few of my samples of work that I do with the students one we get going.

For those overseas people reading this, year 9 for example doesn't mean the students are aged 9. We just often say year 9, rather than grade 9.

Yr 7 art- typography, paper mosaics

Yr 8 art- pattern animals, matisse paper cuts, pos/neg drawings, jackson pollock exercise

Yr 9 home group teacher

Yr 9 art- altered books

Yr 8 textiles- cushion covers

Yr 9 home ec- various cooking and nutrition tasks

Yr 10 textiles- children's wind-cheater

Yr 11 textiles- free choice garment

Time to go back and write more lesson plans now. yah for me.


tess stieben said...

Am I to understand this is the list given by the school?
I taught at an art centres that gave a program outline to teach, but I am too much of a rebel to stick to confines, though to change up I had to give an outline and the reasons for change. One class was "working with the Masters", all about styles of long dead artists. Well youth need something they can relate to so I added some art work of todays Masters to the program, and how wonderful to find the students excited about what was being produced by artists of today yet still getting a review of the past.
Have fun and be flexible was the key for me.

Sarah Bell Smith said...

Thanks for the message tess. Yes what I listed is what the school has said I have to teach. I'm generally a real rebel as well but I decided to take it slowly for my first year and after that I'll see how much I can change things. I have huge plans, it just isn't really a good idea for me to waves too soon when I"m only new. I agree that students need to be learning or making things are relevant to them and that actually create interest for them. Otherwise we end up with zombies.