18 January 2012

Doing some hand quilting

I did a lot of work for the SAlt exhibition group earlier in the holidays, but haven't finished a couple of the pieces. One of the pieces I'd been working on involved a lot of applique and it resulted in the background fabric becoming slightly puckered. Therefore it is time for me to do some hand quilting.

I've only ever made one 'quilt' as such (quilts aren't really my thing) and it was for a friends baby so it didn't have to be perfect. This quilt however is for an exhibition so I thought I better actually do it right this time. I went over to Suzanne Gummow's house to do a trade. I helped her with some blogging issues and she helped me pin my quilt. Below are a few photos of the quilt pinning.

As the work is part of an exhibition, I cannot show photos of the actual 'real' work. Our group has agreed that no work is to be shown before it is exhibited.

Taping and clipping the bottom fabric and the 
Pellon to a table for a nice flat start. 

A closeup of all the clips keeping everything 
taught and in place.

The fun job of adding a thousand safety pins.

So tonight's job is now to do some hand quilting so that I don't leave the safety pins in too long and they mark the fabric. 

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