29 March 2012

My new artist statement

Below is a copy of my new artist statement. Let me know what you think

Sarah Bell Smith Artist Statement

As a four year old Sarah Bell Smith learnt to sew and whilst at primary school starting selling art and textiles for money. This passion for art and textiles later lead to a full time career as a specialized teacher and artist.

Her inspiration comes from many sources… identity issues, travelling, memories, relationships, personal experiences and nature study. The majority of her work has a message behind it and she hopes people can connect with it on a personal level. Every piece of work begins with extensive research, drawings and samples that all compiled into a journal. These journals become a work of art in themselves.

Sarah’s favorite mediums include fabric, paper and recycled objects combined with hand and free machine stitching. She also likes to work in 3 dimensional areas such as wearable art and sculpture.

Art and textiles are Sarah’s whole life; her practice as an artist is constantly evolving.


Christine Linton said...

Sarah, a comprehensive and interesting statement; also I'm amazed that I have also taken to using journals for my planning and research and love doing it so much I am making them art journals in themselves. Also amazed that I too tried to sell my crafts at school (unfortunately my mum made me give the money back!). We're not actually twins are we (oh no can't be I'm 60!)

arlee said...

Sarah, this is a great bio, but it's not a statement. http://www.artbizblog.com/2010/11/bio-statement-about.html

Sarah Bell Smith said...

Thank you both for your comments. You are right Arlee in that my statement is really more of a bio. Thanks for your link- it was interesting reading. I'm just thrilled that someone like you arlee even takes the time to read my blog.