22 April 2012

A fantastic Easter holiday

I've been on school holidays for 2 weeks now and it more like it has only been 2 days. I have barely managed to get any artwork done let alone clean the house etc.

My husband and I spent the first week near a place called Streaky Bay on the coast of South Australia. The week consisted of motorbike riding, fishing, rock pool hoping and eating. Funny how when your away camping in a tent for a week without real showers, etc. that you come home more tired than when you left.

I've included a few photos from our trip. These ones are just the general ones.

This is just one of the many bays where we went beach fishing.

A gorgeous beach where we spent the afternoon wandering around in rock pools.

The never ending sand dunes where we went motorbike riding and sand boarding.

Me about to go sand boarding behind one of the bikes. Lets just say it isn't a skill I mastered.

A local seal colony, you were not allowed to get any closer to them. 

My husband sand boarding. He was only slightly better than I was.

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