27 July 2012

Incredible use of teacups, etc.

I first saw this artists work quite a while back. I fell in love with it and found it purely awe inspiring. I'm sure some of you have seen images of the work already.

The name of the artist is Li Xiaofeng. I've pasted images below of his work along with a statement about his work. I have also included the link to a website that has a really great interview with the artist.

Who knew what could be achieve with broken teacups and plates...

Li Xiaofeng trained as a muralist but  turned to sculpture to explore a new concept and expression of Chinese landscapes. His choice of material is unexpected; instead of marble, wood or even glass, he  prefers buying shards of broken porcelain recovered from ancient archeological digs, some dating from the Ming Dynasty, and then shaping and polishing them, drilling holes into each corner and linking them together with silver wire to create ’rearranged landscapes’. It is fitting that these poetic pieces, which have been perhaps best described as ‘post-orientalism’, usually take the form of clothing, including traditional Chinese dresses and jackets as well as neckties and military uniforms. They are ultimately ‘wearable’ although certainly promise to be as heavy as any armour and would require a strong retinue of dressers to don and doff.

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