25 July 2012

Alice in Wonderland themed student work

I decided all my art students would work to a set theme this semester. It allows students to become fully immersed in the topic, as they see what other classes are doing and feel a connection to the work.

The theme is Alice in Wonderland. The students absolutely love it.

My year 7's are making paper mache hats and then teapot/teacup clay mobiles.
My year 8's are  making patterned teacups/teapots in watercolour and pen and ink. They are then making clay mushrooms.
My other year 8's are making 'Alice' clay characters plants that have their own facial characteristics.
My year 9s are making teacup/teapot collages and then 3D teacups/teapots.
My year 10's are painting an Alice in Wonderland theme mural and then making giant concrete painted teacups.

During the course writing I have done lots and lots of reserach. I have found some really great images along the way and want to share some with you. I'm also hoping to get permission from my school to be able to post photos of students artwork on here as well.

Below are some images of the fantastic teacups I've discovered in my searching.

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