22 July 2012

Photos of myself with my sewing machines

I needed to get some photos taken of myself and my sewing machines for some work that I have been doing. I got my husband to take these for me today.

The machine on the right is called 'Barry the Bernina' then there is 'Bettina the Bernina' in the middle and the overlocked is called 'Brian the Bernina'.

Barry used to be a high school sewing machine who had a very hard life. He then got a second chance when my mum bought him and had him for about 10 years. Barry then got passed down through the family to me. Barry and I have had a good relationship over the years, he can sew through anything and I don't think I could break him if I tried. He caught on fire once and had smoke pouring out the top of him. We simply pulled out the burnt bits, put him back together and he hasn't missed a beat since. He just goes a little bit slower, he is fairly old so this is understandable.

Bettina was purchased around the time of the 'great Barry fire'. No offence to Barry but I decided it was time to have a second machine and one that was a bit more modern. I generally swap between the two machines I"m working.

Brian is the latest addition to the family and is more of a 'get down to the hard work' kind of machine. He's a no mess kind of machine. Hard worker, but not much personality.

I love my machines, I can honestly say that Bernina are the best machines I have ever used. Being a teacher, schools often have different brands of machines. I come back to the Bernina every time as the most reliable, tough, hard wearing and easy to use machines. My school has 25 Bernina sewing machines and 3 Bernina overlockers. It suits me perfectly.

All five of my aunties have Bernina's and my Dad even has his own. He uses his for making truck tarps and silo covers.

I think you get the point by now as to what type of machines I like.

This is one of the better photos. I hate smiling for photos.

I thought I'd include this one to show how the whole family 
was trying to help out.

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