29 July 2012

Why do I write a blog?

I was looking over my posts in the last few weeks and putting some thought into why I write a blog. I'm not sure about some of the content I've posted recently in terms of whether or not it is of interest to other people. When I really think about it however, my blog isn't something that I just write for other people.

I have always wanted to keep a diary, but being more of a visual person I found it boring just writing. I always wanted to include photos as well and so for me, a blog is perfect. I love my sketchbooks and drawing etc. in them but it is still different.

I had started to think some of my past posts were a bit boring and pointless. I then thought about why I posted them. For me it is like a record of my thoughts, etc. If someone else reads my blog and finds something interesting or useful then that is great. I am a teacher by profession and so I love sharing my thoughts and passions with others. This blog will always continue to be a mixture of things to me. A place to record thoughts, share images I like, show my work and share my love and knowledge with others. Of course everyone really wants other people to read their blog, it is satisfying to know that others appreciate what you write, post, etc.

After just reading what I wrote above I think I might be a hypocrite. Yes I write my blog for myself but I do also write content that I hope interests others and I enjoy knowing that people like what they read.

Before I talk around in circles anymore I think it is time to eat dinner.


Shocking Hocking said...

it's lovely to get comments on your work - and it's a perfect visual diary for yourself - do whatever works for you - love your work - i'm doing a diploma in textile arts in melbourne and recently fell in love with hand embroidery myself and i kept being drawn to images of your work in flickr - hence this comment on your blog!

Sarah Bell Smith said...

Thanks so much Shocking Hocking. I find the work of other artists a fantastic source of inspiration. If only there was more time in life to visit exhibitions.

tess stieben said...

I started writing a blog so that I would at least keep some semblance of writing skills that I learned while completing my degree and try to keep a focus on why I create. And it is nice when comments are made. Then I realized I needed a art blog to show my art without my commentaries. hence two blogs on the go.

Sarah Bell Smith said...

Wow Tess, I think 2 blogs is admirable. I struggle at times just to keep up with this one. I can understand the need to try and keep a focus on why you create. It can feel like you get lost at times.