01 August 2012

How I use my sketchbooks Part 1.

I’ve been keeping sketchbooks in various forms since I was in Year 12 at High School. Our Year 12 Art teacher made us keep a sketchbook where we did drawings and also collected images of interest, newspaper clippings, etc. I still have my 2 sketchbooks to this day.

I used to put all my drawings, things I collect etc. all into one sketchbook. It got too hard to find what I was looking for and so I made my sketchbooks for specific purposes. I still have lots of different sketchbooks nowadays, but each one has a different purpose.

I have a small one (10 x 15cm) that is handy just to put in your handbag when going to an art exhibition, etc. It is small enough to draw ideas in while in a gallery etc. without it being overtly obvious what your doing. This one is really my only multi purpose sketchbook.

Some photos of pages from my small sketchbook are below.

As I said earlier, most of my sketchbooks are for specific purposes. The one below was dedicated to Papermaking. I would included samples of papers I was making, write questions I wanted to find out the answers to, draw ideas, etc. See images below.

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Christine Linton said...

Hi Sarah, I find separate sketchbooks the most useful. Tried the integrated kind but can't find what I want in them.