03 August 2012

How I use my sketchbooks Part 2.

I posted some images from a couple of my sketchbooks in my last post. Today I'm going to show a few more of the specific uses I have set up for some of my sketchbooks.

The photos below are from a sketchbook that was dedicated to collecting images and drawing ideas for embellishment, eg. beads, etc.

The sketchbook below is dedicated purely to drawing images of trees.

The one below is used for collecting and drawing ideas for work.

I find it useful to also keep all the information I gather at workshops in the one place. I write notes, draw sketches, etc. all in the one sketchbook. See below.

1 comment:

tess stieben said...

You seem to be very organized. My sketchbooks tend to end up with everything and anything in them, a real mish-mass of ideas. Have fun, hugs!