30 November 2012

New bag- bad fabric

I decided that it was time to make myself a new bag for school. I needed one that could fit my laptop and my teachers diary in it. I bought this really cute piece of fabric at the craft and quilt show. I didn't look too closely when i bought the fabric, it simply felt nice and soft. I made the basics of the bag and it then came to attaching the patterned fabric. I then looked closely at the fabric to find it was like muslin but was made up of two layers. The pattern was only printed on the top layer and was very susceptible to laddering. The two layers were linked together with lots of little dots, basically like a form of glue dots. It was a really good warning to me to make sure I pay more attention to the fabric I buy in future.

Below are photos of the finished bag- both sides are slightly different

Below are close-up photos of the fabric. Good lesson learnt.

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Chris Linton said...

You could always say "well I meant to get that effect all along" .....