30 November 2012

Worlds best cat enclosure

Since I moved house I've been too scared to let the cats out in the backyard, unless on a leash. I have high fences and some of them have bamboo type stuff on them. I was worried the cats might jump over the fence and not be able to get back again. I also live on a busy road and the cats have never ever experienced traffic before.

That is where my Dad comes into it. Wonderful Dad came across the other weekend and built me a cat enclosure. It is 6 meters long and 2 meters high and 1 1/2 meters wide. It has a covered in area where they are protected from the weather and he built it so that it is in shade most of the day.

My 2 girls absolutely love it. I put them in it all day while I'm at work if the weather isn't too hot. Otherwise I put them in it for a few hours at night when I get home. They think it is fantastic. I can't get Mille, the small grey one to even get out of it some nights.