01 March 2013

2013 teaching units

We are already well into 2013 and I haven't had a chance to explain on here the different units I am teaching.

I'm teaching year 7-10 art and all classes have an 'Asian' focus for the year. This was my choice as it tends to be a favourite theme of mine and it is also part of the new National Curriculum.

All year levels start with a basic colour theory unit and are then undertaking the projects below.

Year 7 art-
paper 3d lanterns
drawings of lanterns on a dyed paper background

Year 8 art-
watercolour and pen patterned zodiac animals
collaged canvases with chinese paper-cuts over the top

Year 9 art-
paper mache peacocks
asian stationery design

Year 10 art-
Watercolour with pen and ink images based on an asian theme
free choice 'asian' influenced piece of art/design.

The students all seem to really be enjoying their projects so far- fingers crossed that this continues.

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