01 March 2013

Incredible drawings.

I wanted to share with you all the stunning work of Dirk Dzimirsky. His style of work is called hyperrealism. They are not photographs but are actually drawings.

This is the link to his website.   http://www.dzimirsky.com/index.html

His works are done using lead pencil only and he states that his drawing skills are constantly improving. If I could draw even half as well as this guy does I would be more than happy.

My favourite has to be the one of the elderly lady.



Threadpainter said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for finding this brilliant pencil artist ! I will be gooing to his site to check out his other work ... pencil has always been a favorite of mine but I never do it anymore ... maybe he will inspire me !
They are gorgeous drawings ... the elder person is fabulous !.

Sarah Bell Smith said...

Hi Sharron,
When I stumbled across his work I thought it was so special I just had to share it with others. I have the image of the elderly lady set as much desktop background. My students can't believe it is a drawing.

Christine Linton said...

How wonderful to have such a talent, eh?

Sarah Bell Smith said...

I'll just keep dreaming Chris