11 November 2010

My work accepted for publishing in a book

I was so excited to receive an email the other day saying that my work had been accepted for publication in an Australian textile fibre book. To my dismay, I read on to find out that the digital standard of the other work submitted was of very poor quality. As a result, the book will not be published.

I am disappointed, but not surprised by the fact that a lot of the images were low quality. Unfortunately I think this is somewhat to do with the age and lack of technological knowledge that a lot of our textiles artists lack. I don’t want to sound like some young little know it all brat, but I am constantly observing textiles artist’s/students in my work place and so feel I am in a position to comment on this matter. My observations often worry me in regards to the mostly middle age and older students we continually attract. We are always trying to find younger students at my school to do our textiles courses, but students under the age of 40 are in very small numbers.

I think we need to look at ways of encouraging younger students into the textiles area and also improving the technological skills of the older students. As a teacher I'm going to put some real thought into how we can go about achieving these goals. Any suggestions???

Here are the photos of my work that was accepted. 

This red piece was based on my fathers wood pile I remember from when I was a child. I used to love the way he would stack all the logs in perfect order. The piece has numerous hand dyed fabrics that were cut to shape and then free machine and bobbin stitched place. 

This piece is reverse applique based on how I love lying under trees looking up into the branches. 

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