26 November 2010

Next wearable art competition

Right the next wearable art competition theme is 'Art Nouveau'. Apparently i inadvertently suggested it as a theme. It wasn't what i meant at all but oh well.

I've decided to make a corset and several other garments. the corset will have every panel with a different art nouveau artist on it. So far I have Klimt, Renni Mackintosh, Gaudi, tiffany lamp comany, Audrey Beardsley, alfonso mucha,. I haven't actually made the panels yet though, i'm just working out the designs for them.

Below are 2 panels i'm working on. the one on the left is a mosaic design based on antonio gaudi's work. On the right is simply a drawing based on an art nouveau art work which will be made
 into a panel.

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